after BPH comes back on renamed BPH Energy

and theres a share swap another thing he didnt tell me of

2 for one
The shares were swapped two for one
its whats called reconsolidation he never told me this was planned ive never seen such occur where the shareholder didnt lose so im certain had he told me id of not bought or bought at a lower price so my effective price becomes 31 cents a share and theyve came back on at just twenty so ive lost one third of my money at start of trading after capital raising all of which could of been avoided had he bought mine from new issue rather then the market and ofcourse in my shocked state ive bought more at CBA enmore at the new issue price he still hasnt told me BPH isnt a house stock
first 4 days
The shares from commencement of retrading fall hard
by the 4th day they start well down but end day at just 14cents,he tells me at start of this day that hes been onto Bounty oil and they told him the drilling is going very well and they are twenty bid though they start at 17,they then continue falling and when they got to just 9cents he finally tells me they arent a house stock

allan ritchie 14.12.2017 04:57

thanks for the compliments anyway but it looks as if your one of few who think so as as you can see your the first commentor in a long time

Cameron Diffey 13.12.2017 02:35

I never take advice either Allan, Jeff has so much experience he talks to me about the market and I make all of the decisions.

Allan Ritchie 14.12.2017 04:48

well im pretty much of low skills with computers and dont know anything about instagramme,id really like to post some documents but havnt been able to yet

Cameron Diffey 14.12.2017 03:34

This is a fabulous website Allan!! Have you considered posting some photos? Do you have an instagram account i can follow?

allan ritchie 13.12.2017 06:04

nonetheless the overaul trend of a market often doesnt mean much for any individual stock anyway ,,so giving such mightnt give you much,except higher brokerage

a ritchie 13.12.2017 05:21

yeh well even that is advice by my idea of what advice is,but if he picks overaul trends well and gives you that then your getting good advice to act with.

Cameron Diffey 12.12.2017 22:56

You should try Halifax they are the best broker in Australia, made me lots of money, ask for Jeff Worboys, tell him i sent you.

allan ritchie 13.12.2017 00:17

its actually "advice"thats been my continuing downfall when ive just been free to follow my own inclination not overcame by "advice" ive done ussually ok

a ritchie 13.12.2017 00:14

no ive came to the conclusion now that the less i have to do with brokers the better ,in the event i do i will use a strictly no involvement type of broker

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its very sad that this has happened to you its like as if the govt is against you too

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well my brain has been damaged by the canaccord experience so im still struggling bto do this well or ok

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Hēi, nín wèishéme zhìzuò zhège wǎngzhàn. Nín xiǎng yào de jiéguǒ shì shénme? Nín shìfǒu bù dānxīn huì yīn fěibàng ér bèi qǐsù? Měihǎo de yītiān.

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