20th till 30th Nov 2010 and on till 6th December

I BUY BPH ENERGY (then called BPH Corporate)

in five lots during this fatal last week in November2010
and as people can see from name its then seen as a industrial company which is what I was under impression I buying

the shares are falling as im buying them

half my money is in bph energy by end november
his broker couldnt unbeknown to me get paid as they dont have new banking details but strangelly he didnt tell me

a ritchie 16.02.2018 00:25

it relates to the total loss of my mothers inheritance "invested' by Canaccord genuity in 2010 and 2011,but in the main intentionally lost by them

Joshua Marson 15.02.2018 21:56

so what does this relate to,i gather its some kind of settlement this bloke is offering for you to just say no more about

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29.09 | 01:29

its very sad that this has happened to you its like as if the govt is against you too

27.11 | 20:03

well my brain has been damaged by the canaccord experience so im still struggling bto do this well or ok

26.10 | 11:07

Hēi, nín wèishéme zhìzuò zhège wǎngzhàn. Nín xiǎng yào de jiéguǒ shì shénme? Nín shìfǒu bù dānxīn huì yīn fěibàng ér bèi qǐsù? Měihǎo de yītiān.

20.10 | 04:09

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