Ive just as said been told by silver

That the guarantees id relied on so far wont be honored ever

(thats not to say I had much confidence anyway as he had already given a false drilling report to hold me in),so I then try for another agreement, I guess somewhere in between the two ie the 3rd and the now 4th one THE 5th Agreement or guarantee I send it to him but he denies ever even receiving it so in the midst of buying blackwood and seeing it fall hard(inspite of his assertion it about to rise quick) along with contiuing falls in BPH he continues to deny he received it and i guess in the stress and hopelessness of this I get caught by his bullish advice on Blackwood and buy even more at Comsec,however im surprised when after about 6 weeks the 5th agreement or guarantee arrives signed,nonetheless i find just few days on he has left the firm and then find out even the country ,so it appears he signs knowing he will be safe from having to ever honor it i then write to the compliance section at canaccord genuity and quickly find they are  not much on my side but they continue playing me along trying to reeducate me of the error of my ways in thinking id been treated badly and telling me the guarantee is nothing to do with them its something youll have to take up with him,meanwhile silver makes no contact with me but eventually a Mr koudelka their general manager contacts me like a friend and he is constantly ringing me trying to pursuade me to sign a new guarantee 4/5 different ones are presented by him or sent directly by silver and it all culminates in a meeting with Silver in a Newtown Park where i meet him with my dog Poppy I tell him I wont sign it and also for first time tell him of the extra BPH i got caught on ar BPH itself he then leaves fairly bitterly

Allan Ritchie 18.04.2016 06:44

Dear Doctor Wong your comments are always appreciated anyway but try and keep to the subject of the page and then theyll last forever

Wiseberry 18.04.2016 06:27

Stop contacting us Allan.

Allan Ritchie10 19.04.2016 03:52

What are you referring to Ive made no contact to you since last month

Allan ritchie 18.04.2016 06:22

Dear Doctor Wong Thanks very much for your recent contact to this page I gather you are familiar with dangers of Asbestos Allan

Allan Ritchie 18.04.2016 06:38

Dear Dr Wong I only deleted your comment because it wasnt relevant to this page I cant keep all comments it was there for a fair while Allan

Dr Wong 18.04.2016 06:32

You delete my comments. Wow you have no shame.

Allan Ritchie 13.04.2016 20:30

How do you find this page Ben? allways greatfull for your comments again

Allan Ritchie 11.04.2016 21:22

Ben Im not deleting your comments Ive only deleted a tiny <5% portion of them as they didnt relate to the page in any way at all

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29.09 | 01:29

its very sad that this has happened to you its like as if the govt is against you too

27.11 | 20:03

well my brain has been damaged by the canaccord experience so im still struggling bto do this well or ok

26.10 | 11:07

Hēi, nín wèishéme zhìzuò zhège wǎngzhàn. Nín xiǎng yào de jiéguǒ shì shénme? Nín shìfǒu bù dānxīn huì yīn fěibàng ér bèi qǐsù? Měihǎo de yītiān.

20.10 | 04:09

Wow 63879 views! This is a top 100 Australian website!