Koudelka steps in to try and get a new agreement up

i wished i Could put documents on here but i cant yet do such i beleiev

my brain has been further damaged by the trauma of this and thats why my computer skills have taken so long to develop infact had i even had my current level of computer skills in 2010 that theyd of had no effect on me at all I mean the tricks that occured could of been easily seen had i had computer skills that were reasonable

Apparently BGF Canaccord dont like 5th agreemnet

so Koudelka Canaccord Australia managing director starts ringing over and over to try and get me into a new agreement and to this end four are written and sent not at same time over about a month he is ringing beserk and so to is silver to some extent climaxing in a meeting at a park in newtown where i just tell him im not signing a new agreement

It seems to me that having failed to get me to sign a new agreement

that this is most likelly when they decided to alter the account opening documents to make out im an execution only client and forge a copy of a supposed letter telling me Im such as they went to such great lengths to try and get me into a agreement silver could laugh at being overseas its hard to imagine theyd of not been very frustrated but obviously they knew how easilly FOS accept any documentation as being a fact

time moves ahead and i lose on Blackwood at COMSEC as well as BGF

but i could of made aprofit if Mr Buckton had told me the truth I rang him to check to see if i was acting on correct advice of his advice that Blackwood had a target to double, but he confirmed the fraud that silver had got me thinking was case ie i asked him what happened to the sixty cents and he just went into an explanation as to why that didnt come true yet, so i let go the chance to recoup some good money shortly after this conversation, acting on such and i think had he levelled with me id of made a good profit on Blackwood its now end of 2012 so its amazing how time drags on but looking in hindsight these people are always trying to drag you out because they know that the law will suddenly define them innocent if they can drag it out enough I mean thats the goal they strive for id say,and they knowingly or unknowingly benefit from your trauma which disables you or even paralyzes you as i was i believe gripped increasingly in stronger trauma im hoping to eventually get my story out inspite of my illness i dont expect to ever see any money as its eems to me thats not part of what can happen if sick and brokers victim in australia the whole system is designed for the broker to escape costless as possible this they seem to see as good even

this is one of the agreements silver and Koudelka offer

Allan ritchie 18.04.2016 18:44

Ben Nearly all of your comments are still there Ive only removed ones which arent relevant to the page if youd like to do them again put on most relevant page

allan ritchie 08.04.2016 03:49

ben thanks for your communication recently long time no hear

Ben Dover 08.04.2016 07:45

You're still deleting my comments Allan! What's wrong with you?

Allan Ritchie 07.04.2016 14:08

Jeremy they only thinking of me in terms of this invoice presented for the supposed removal of items I left behind wiseberry called rubbish dog not mentioned

Jeremy Gardian 04.04.2016 14:58

I can't believe they would shun your dog Allan. What were they thinking?

Allan Ritchie 01.04.2016 18:57

ive been through it before in 2003 my dog robbie was indirectly murdered by a landlord and the experience at ncat was even worse

Allan Ritchie 01.04.2016 12:40

i guess i was just overpowered by this prolandlord oufit

Doggie 01.04.2016 06:21

Why wasn't i mentioned at the hearing?

Allan Ritchie 31.03.2016 19:26

To my mind wiseberry presented false photos at CTTT ie photos older then they were claimed to be, taken earlier then when i first moved in (see above)

Allan Ritchie 31.03.2016 08:54

Ive just got back from CTTT hearing very saddened that not even a mention of my dog was made so CTTT regards a dogs life as irrelevant

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29.09 | 01:29

its very sad that this has happened to you its like as if the govt is against you too

27.11 | 20:03

well my brain has been damaged by the canaccord experience so im still struggling bto do this well or ok

26.10 | 11:07

Hēi, nín wèishéme zhìzuò zhège wǎngzhàn. Nín xiǎng yào de jiéguǒ shì shénme? Nín shìfǒu bù dānxīn huì yīn fěibàng ér bèi qǐsù? Měihǎo de yītiān.

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