the MOST NEEDED dog of all time gone now

(photo taken about2014)my mother would of thought her inheritance would lenghthen his life but due to canaccord it actually reduced it


the above comment comes from one comment to my comments section
20. Jan, 2016
I visit what was my ULTRA ASSIST dogs grave today hes buried about 160miles away from here
I did so again yesterday 1st of February it as as usual took all day

I dont really see how any news can be good now my dog has needlessly died

what an horrific way to lose your dog to be so weak and helpless that you cant any longer give hime the treatment he needs
BASICALLY I WENT TO CANACCORD GENUITY AND PAID AUSTRALIAS HIGHEST BROKERAGE RATE YET id later find out the advisor didnt even want me to know any current canaccord house stocks etalone get any ,he lead me to believe i was buying house stocks when he just put me into stocks he was punting on and wanted to get out of

i heard of them via the AUSTRALIAN finance section

i first contacted them by mail and paperwork arrived i dated it on receipt of it but didnt get around for sometime to sending it in IN LATE JUNE, this silver bloke was following me up trying to rush me so i sent it in not fully filled in and i then meet with him about a week after sending it in in july he says nothing about the paperwork except that he needs see my anz card so i return there with it so i now think account is open but when i ring again he says he needs bsb number so i go in again with that so i saw him three times yet nothing much has occured im guessing he wasnt keen to even have me but on 19th of november i ring from bank and tell him ive just inherited my mothers estate and i hand him over to the bank officer to get changed bank account details yet surprisingly much later id know he never recorded them so he still had unbeknown to me originally given anz bank details
this is stephen marc silver(FINRA)

Allan Ritchie 15.07.2016 23:38

I still dont know how much weaker her right rear femur is then normal or how bigger the dicrepancy will be with passing time this info is hard to get

Allan Ritchie 15.07.2016 14:48

My new dog has done very well considering the odds against her but then again noboddy has ever put in such a time commitment as i have to achieve such

Ben Dover 15.07.2016 13:05

Who did you vote for in the election?

allan Ritchie 15.07.2016 14:45

I voted 1 animal rights party in both houses

Ben Dover 15.07.2016 13:04

How have you been Allan?

Allan Ritchie 16.07.2016 07:11

due to the death of my dog poppy on 16th of december and to a lesser extent because this new dog is impaired now to an unknown extent

Allan Ritchie 15.07.2016 14:42

battling against staggering grief

Ben Dover 15.07.2016 13:02

Is your new dog dead yet?

Allan Ritchie 15.07.2016 14:41

No she has survived

Allan ritchie 01.05.2016 21:43

thanks for your reply

andrew 01.05.2016 09:37

very sorry for your situation mate

Allan Ritchie 26.04.2016 02:15

Yes worse still Ive been a predoomed loser but not fully a;ppreciating the hopelessness of the situation I was in enough to have any hope of defending myself

James Brown 26.04.2016 02:02

This guy sounds like a loser to me.

Allan Ritchie 23.03.2016 20:45

A hard day ahead

Allan Ritchie 25.03.2016 16:49

Is there anyone out there who when they drive has to keep looking behind for dead bodies

Allan Ritchie 24.03.2016 06:25

Ive got very rare illness which I cant really recount to people because people probably wouldnt even believe it could be

allan Ritchie 12.03.2016 00:25

why is it if a tenant thinks the premises have become asbestos contaminated he should be expected to just go on as if nothing has changed wiseberry do anyway

Allan ritchie 13.03.2016 07:23

traditionally fibro was made of a mixture of asbestos and cement

Ben Dover 13.03.2016 06:02

But aren't fibro and asbestos are different things?

Allan Ritchie 12.03.2016 04:33

i went to the yard one day and the fence had been removed and there were thousands of little bits of broken up fibro on the ground and bigger bits next door

Ben Dover 12.03.2016 03:33

Was it contaminated?

Allan Ritchie 09.03.2016 15:40

ben basically wiseberry were still following me up for rent being paid in conformance with concilliation agreement form they signed at tribunal

Allan ritchie 11.03.2016 13:11

rising damp simply refers to moisture from soil underneath the building rising into the building itself and air inside, this place often had it badly

Ben Dover 11.03.2016 12:54

what is rising damp Allan? Do you mean lamp, as in no electricity?

Allan ritchie 11.03.2016 10:55

it was I think undermining my mental state quite badly after all I had no hot water or reasonable locks on the door and bad rising damp etc

Ben Dover 11.03.2016 10:24

why would they do that Allan? that seems really unfair

Ben Dover 09.03.2016 09:14

Hi Allan i'm back in town., I have to visit a sick relative out bush every few weeks. How have you been?

allan Ritchie 09.03.2016 18:09

rent followup for rent not overdue

Ben Dover 09.03.2016 12:57

What exactly did wiseberry do?

allan ritchie 09.03.2016 11:52

flashing back i meant

Allan Ritchie 09.03.2016 11:51

Ben just struggling still mostly just falshing back over and over to the dogs tragedy and how wiseberry enmore tricked me in last 2 months of james st

Allan's Doggie 26.02.2016 00:14

I'm getting hungry, feed me you fool Alan

Allan Ritchie 25.02.2016 02:44

Ben well I cant claim that I will never delete anything someone puts there after all even simplesite might object to some things going on there

Allan Ritchie 20.02.2016 07:34

Ben Anyone who has their comments removed can always put them up again anyway I mean I dont necessarilly know how important their message is to them in advance

Allan ritchie 21.02.2016 13:20

Ben sorry no i removed two of your comments but you can replace them if you wish and theyll stay at least for a fair while maybe permanently

Allan Ritchie 20.02.2016 19:31

Ben if Im not mistaken Ive ony removed one of your messages anyway but bear in mind while messages can be deleted theres no way to put them back

Ben Dover 20.02.2016 01:47

Allan why are you deleting my comments? Don't you want me to post anymore?

Allan Ritchie 22.02.2016 20:00

As said you can redo the messages if you like word for word

Allan Ritchie 20.02.2016 02:28

They were there for a while anyway I didnt erase when I first saw them so anyone following the site would of seen them

Allan Ritchie 20.02.2016 02:24

I mean its now all three of those and the loss of the dog is consequential to those and biggesst loss of all I obviously now can never get my losses back

Allan Ritchie 20.02.2016 02:11

Ben I only deleted them because they seem to be irrelevant to the topic of my site which was Canaccord genuity and Schizophrenia fellowship and now poppy my dog

Allan Ritchie 1948 05.02.2016 20:58

After all it was only him in main that saved me from complete cripplement in 2006 it looks as if now hes beeen taken from me Im reverting back to that

Allan Ritchie 1948 05.02.2016 19:43

Ive had a very rough night little sleep as my right side just around hip at back is all been strained my body is failing me now hes gone .Im finished.

Allan's Doggie 05.02.2016 11:31

Woof Woof Allan i'm hungry come and visit me

AllanRitchie 1948 10.02.2016 16:16

These people and others have indirectly murdered him infact really all of my animals were indirectly murdered your rich arent you I can tell

Allan Ritchie 1948 05.02.2016 16:38

he could be only for Wiseberry enmore ,Silver ,FOS,ASIC, and socalled partners in recovery,SFNSW

Allan's Doggie 05.02.2016 04:34

You're BARKING mad allan.

AllanRitchie1948 09.02.2016 22:56

my dog was indirectly murdered ie varous people made my life difficult thereby diabling me further and rendering me less able to look after him SUCH THAT HEDIED

Allan Ritchie 1948 05.02.2016 05:12

In a sense

Allan's Doggie 05.02.2016 04:32

Woof woof i'm Allan's doggie. Allan when will you visit me again?

Allan Ritchie 1948 05.02.2016 05:11

I wished he was getting hungry and he would be now only for Canaccord and Wiseberry and Partners in recovery

Allan Ritchie 1948 04.02.2016 09:35

But if I give you my email adress here wont that mean Dr Wong also has it also

Ben Dover 04.02.2016 09:04

Allan it's a bit hard to communicate on here with Mr Wong listening. I will email you. What is your address?

Allan Ritchie1948 07.02.2016 20:12

Ben long time no hear how come Ive not heard back from you

Allan Ritchie 1948 04.02.2016 13:15

Ben if I give you my adress here wont Dr Wong get it? why dont you ring me you had my number before I thought what do you think of ASIC or FOS

no name given 02.02.2016 20:44

Is there a person who is doomed to have nearly all he meets acting against him to a greater or lesser extent for all his life?I think so

Allan Ritchie 1948 03.02.2016 10:16

thank you this is serious constructive commentry

Ben Dover 02.02.2016 08:19

cut and paste the link Allan

Allan Ritchie 1948 03.02.2016 10:14

Ben I had a hard day today as usual my brain seems to of turned more inwardly on itself and its hard to keep such from crumpling me thanks for your support but

Allan Ritchie 1948 02.02.2016 19:10

Ben post it to me you know my adress

Allan Ritchie 1948 02.02.2016 08:56

Ben You are talking skills I dont have

Allan Ritchie 01.02.2016 19:40

Ben it doesnt matter that one might be a nice person that doesnt necessarilly mean thyeve any better chance before the legal system

Allan Ritchie 1948 01.02.2016 19:28

Well I just tried that link but didnt get anywhere one of those symbols doesnt exist on my machine so maybe that puts me out of getting in Rob Ramjam is boss th

Ben Dover 01.02.2016 09:26

Hi Allan i think i agree with their advice. they do not provide a legal service, see this page -

AllanRitchie1948 08.02.2016 00:14

Ben its not a matter of whether they provide a legal service or not an advocate is someone whotries regardlesss of the establishments attitude or offerings

Ben Dover 01.02.2016 13:01

Really you every single person in the law profession isn't fair? I've found some to be very nice people. Did you read that link i posted?

Allan Ritchie 1948 01.02.2016 12:27

well Ive been to legal services already in my opinion people in law arent fair minded people

Allan Ritchie 1948 01.02.2016 12:21

Ben The schizophrenia fellowship claim their main role is advocasy an advocate is above the legal system hes there to seek fairness for the advocated for person

Ben Dover 01.02.2016 09:27

maybe try a legal service, there are lots of free legal services in sydney

Allan Ritchie 1948 30.01.2016 19:24

It seems to me it would be best if I could be euphanased because I feel without my dog Im just doomed to further mental decline and agony I simply have lost eve

allan Ritchie 30.01.2016 03:48

Ben the Schizophrenia fellowship is in Gladesville it might be perfectly alright in some ways but why they dislike people who had their money taken I dont know

Allan Ritchie 1948 30.01.2016 12:32

well I have a number of times their last reply was" were not running a legal service"inspite of fact in their newsletter they claim theyll do anything for their

Ben Dover 30.01.2016 10:03

maybe you should give them another try.

Allan Ritchie 1948 29.01.2016 18:58

The grief is so heavy it often makes motivating myself to walk difficult but I might if a dog came along even he was just found on the street originally

Ben Dover 29.01.2016 05:55

Did you see the storm today Allan? I couldn't believe the lightening and rain, it was so heavy!

Ben Dover 29.01.2016 11:17

That's sad Allan, are you planning on getting antoher dog?

Allan Ritchie 1948 29.01.2016 06:21

I dont notice weather with my dog haing been taken from me so severelly

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 20:03

Why is it stockbrokers feel confident they can intentionally give someone a loss if they choose to?

Ben Dover 28.01.2016 11:46

Telstra is a bit expensive for me too, who do you use now?

Ben Dover 29.01.2016 11:08

Are they in Sydney, if so maybe visit them? What claims do they make Allan?

Allan Ritchie 1948 29.01.2016 06:17

yes correct, as for schizophrenia fellowship they never even replied to my letters I sent so naturally I was dissapointed with them given their heroic claims

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 13:55

are you an invalid pensioner like me ?Ive been on an invalid pension since 1972 but I really couldnt work from moment I left school in 1969

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 13:52

Aldi so how do you feel about the schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW do you think they are any good

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 01:22

yes Telstra thanks for writing again yes hes been doing comments supposedly coming from my taken from me dog and ofcouse the ones hes used my name on write agai

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 10:53

No I dont but I did for a while and they are very clear but I couldnt afford it

Ben Dover 28.01.2016 10:31

Do you use Telsta for your mobile?
i'm with optus but they aren't very reliable

Ben Dover 28.01.2016 01:01

Hi Allan, My mobile phone and internet have been playing up. Sorry to hear about Mr Wong, he seems like a mean person. Can you recommend a mobile ph provider?

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 01:31

sorry looks like I replied incorectly, Telstra is a good one Yes Dr Wong or Mr Wong as you refer to him is never nice he passes himself off as my Taken dog etc

Allan Ritchie 27.01.2016 18:52


Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 00:32

This is no doubt Mr Wong again I dont joke about anything and cant butI leave this comment to illustrate my point that some are doomed to be tormented

Dr Wong 26.01.2016 23:26

still waiting to be blocked! Also noticed how Ben Dover hasn't written to you? I wonder why????

Allan Ritchie 1948 03.02.2016 16:08

Mr wong then you see yourself as part of a holy crusade then?getting some sought of right outcome

Allan Ritchie 1948 27.01.2016 00:54

Ben Dover might reply again soon dont worry about that

allan Ritchie 27.01.2016 00:48

I dont much believe in blocking people I mean its obvious to anyone youll never say anything thats not sour but your damage is done its too late now dog is gon

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 23:23

Last night i had a dream that my dog helped negotiate a better deal from wiseberry Enmore. Is such a thing possible?

Allan Ritchie 1948 27.01.2016 02:18

Well I guess in a sense he was killed by many but if Id Notice same as others get I think Id of made it out with him they had me worn out before I could start

Allan Ritchie 1948 27.01.2016 00:09

Well this wasnt me but Ive often hoped I could go back in time and do something different but Im stuck with all that occured but at time I was so weak

Allan's Doggie 26.01.2016 23:24

woof woof, yes Allan i'm a super doggie but i was murdered by Canaccord Genuity.

Allan's Doggie 22.01.2016 09:53

Allan this is your doggie talking "woof, stop using the interwebs woof woof!"

allan Ritchie 25.01.2016 21:25

and in my belief you have been part of that indirect murder as your horrific attacks go right back long before he met his death

allan Ritchie 22.01.2016 11:12

my dog wwas a victim of indirect murder

Allan (Doggie) Ritchie 22.01.2016 07:27

block me you fool
- doggie, allan Ritchie

Allan Ritchie 1948 22.01.2016 07:44

Not myself he probably has many routes in but not all that many Id say if Im a fool youve partly created such

Doggie 22.01.2016 02:39

Woof woof Allan it's me doggie, come visit me again.

allan Ritchie 23.01.2016 12:36

Unfortunatelly the cost of visiting his grave is very high and I could get taken by snakes in process

Allan Ritchie 22.01.2016 00:51

Did you know that my dog tried to warn me about the rent property agents? He tells me a lot of great things you know. woof woof!

real Allan ritchie 22.01.2016 07:39

no he didnt try to warn me about the agents he tried to warn me regarding the partners in recovery woman

expsoing allan rithcie 20.01.2016 22:38

fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wit fuck wi

allan Ritchie 24.01.2016 12:12

After all it was compulsory "education" that mainly accounts for the foundations of my cripplement ie it demands one stay being tortured irregardless of damage

Allan Ritchie 24.01.2016 12:02

If its taxpayers money and I didnt earn a cent its partly their fault for also funding the organizations that damaged me so much and kept redamaging me

Ben Dover 19.01.2016 08:35

How much does this site cost you Allan?

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:18

Unfortunatelly its cost me a lot more then just money

allan Ritchie 19.01.2016 19:12

Ben I meant to say twelve dollars a month US Dollars as simple site is a foreign company 12 US is about 16dollars Australian

allan Ritchie 19.01.2016 17:02

about 12 dollars a monhth not a lot you might say but its clearly not something your average person feels a need to do is it?

Allan Ritchie 19.01.2016 07:45

Ben Im looking for a cheaper site but this will do till then unless numbers fall badly

Allan Ritchie 1948 19.01.2016 03:46

hopefully the numbers will pick up but it seems to me simplesite are not making much effort for me

allan Ritchie myself 19.01.2016 02:20

But Ben that doesnt mean it mightnt reopen at a later date Id keep you posted I may even get this service cheaper somewhere

Ben Dover 19.01.2016 01:22

When is your site closing Allan?

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:20

Ben its now down or was it always such to just 3-4 a day oviously help is very rare in Australia

Allan Ritchie 1948 18.01.2016 09:46

Well as I said, but look I hope you are separate from the other replies but can you understand the severity of the attack this wong etc has affected me badly

allan Ritchie myself 18.01.2016 04:03

Ok well Ill keep an open mind but you always seem to pop up at same time as Dr Wong and solicitor

Ben Dover 18.01.2016 08:14

What do you mean Allan?

Allan Ritchie 1948 18.01.2016 04:38

sorry on checking dictionary looks like I used the wrong word I mean antagonist not protagonist

Ben Dover 18.01.2016 02:38

Hi Allan, are you ok? I've been away for a few days for work, has your site been hacked? What has happened?

Allan Ritchie 1948 18.01.2016 03:07

Ben Dover In my opinion Ive only had replies from one person you,. site hasnt been hacked but it will soon close due to insufficient number of views and replies

the real allanritchie myself 18.01.2016 02:24

Regular readers I hope you find this site entertaining, i'm showing you my acting skills, i can play many personalities

The real allan ritchie 18.01.2016 00:45

I've got many personalities. money loser is my main one

Allan Ritchie 1948 28.01.2016 23:56

My story isnt about bad luck with shares its about brokers who acted with the intention for me to lose money so money loser isnt a very good term for that perha

Ben Dover 16.01.2016 01:53

Allan why is Wiseberry responsible for the death of your dog? Did you break your lease?

Allan Ritchie 21.03.2016 16:08

I believe this obsessive rent followup made me more confused and irrational

Allan Ritchie 21.03.2016 16:06

wiseberry enmore signed a new agreement at tenancies tribunal nov saying there is no timetable for rent arrears to be repaid they then followed me up fanaticly

allan Ritchie myself 16.01.2016 05:22

Wiseberry enmore had plans to redevelop the property to get more rent ounce the redeveolopement application was over I was given termination notice

allan Ritchie myself 16.01.2016 02:44

They also unreasonably followed up rent during such given I still didnt even have hot water or access to a toilet even

allan Ritchie myself 16.01.2016 02:35

Ben Wiseberry Enmore gave legal notice but they then took away part of such from me in pursuing their own future development plans during it

Graham Silk 12.01.2016 09:00

Hi Alan please make an appointment with my junior to see him

Graham Silk 13.01.2016 22:47

I will call you with my juniors phone number in the next few days.

allan Ritchie myself 13.01.2016 11:43

dear Graham I couldnt get anywhere with that adress cant you just give a phone number

Graham Silk 11.01.2016 22:01

Dear Alan, Your website was brought to my attention by my junior lawyer. You need to explain yourself in more detail Alan, then maybe I can help.

Allan Ritchie myself 11.01.2016 23:07

Ive got poor computer skills thats my main problem so even though Ive had this site 3 years I still dont know how to put documents on it

Allan Ritchie myself 11.01.2016 23:04

but didnt find out till much later I got none thats the worst of what occured also he stopped me finding out crucial information against the shares

Allan Ritchie myself 11.01.2016 23:02

Dear Graham well Ive written quite a bit it seems Im still in shock such that its hard to express myself well basically I went to Canaccord to get Canaccord sto

Graham Silk 11.01.2016 22:09

I will visit again when there is considerably more detail otherwise it's difficult to assess the case's worthiness.

Dr Wong 08.01.2016 13:37

So you put all your inheritance into a speculative stock, lost it all and you blame the broker? you are a fucking moron Allan. Canaccord should get compensation

allan Ritchie myself 11.01.2016 13:09

dear Dr Wong Can I send you a copy of the client profile

allan Ritchie myself 09.01.2016 22:22

Mr Wong can I send you a copy of the client profile as in it youll see Im indicating against speculative stocks

Dr Wong 08.01.2016 07:01

You don't make any sense you stupid fuck

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:31

as can be seen wong is setting out to be hatefull

myself 08.01.2016 10:15

Can I send you copies of the guarantees if so please send your adress toPO BOX 711 Newtown to send them to

Dr Wong 08.01.2016 05:20

Don't listen to him Ben,Allan is a welfare cheat. He has never worked a day in his life. He doesn't even have schizophrenia, just uses it to get the dole.

Allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:28

If I know Dr Wong he doesnt even believe in schizophrenia or mental illness but actually I really see myself as mentally ongoingly damaged rather then those

Dr Wong 08.01.2016 05:07

You bought a speculative stock and it went down and you are complaining? What did you expect? You are a degenerate gambler who has spent your life on welfare!

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:30

Some people make a lot from speculative stocks anyway but I consider they had me buying stocks they expected to lose me money

Ben Dover 08.01.2016 05:05

I'm not sure why i even bother writing to you Allan, why don't y ou respond to me? I was hoping we could be friends

allan Ritchie 26.01.2016 10:32

Please be patient with replies Im not necessarilly always on a computer I am in staggering grief

myself 08.01.2016 10:17

Can I send to you copies of the guarantees?if so write to PO BOX 711 newtown with details of where I can send them to or here if you prefer

myself 08.01.2016 06:20

Ben read the story above more thoroughly the BPH was bought first from Canaccord then from company itself ok CBA Enmore Bank manager acted as the medium

Ben Dover 08.01.2016 04:19

I'm not sure that I'm following you Allan, can you explain in more detail?

myself 08.01.2016 02:17

by second lot I mean ones bought from BPH itself in their new issue the form was sent to CBA Enmore without prospectus and I only got to see part of the form

myself 08.01.2016 01:58

it is true that the CBA did play a part in the second lot of BPH Bought but I havnt got that detailed yet

Ben Dover 08.01.2016 01:00

Maybe it was CBA who took your money Allan

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 23:09

Allan how do i make such a website? are you a tech genius?

allan Ritchie myself 07.01.2016 23:32

all Ive done is type in the space provided which simplesite helped me with at start surelly since its taken me 3years to get this far that doesnt make me a geni

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 23:05

So much money did you give Canaccord Allan, and how much did they lose?

allan Ritchie myself 07.01.2016 23:26

I actually lost more then 130000 because I bought more stock relying on their advice

allan Ritchie myself 07.01.2016 23:23

I gave them in direct terms almost 70000 but I also bought more BPH via BPH itself another 60000 so that amounted to almost the entire inheritance so 130000

Allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 06:32

so whats your story then ben? how much did you lose due to Canaccord and was your loss far more then just money like me?

allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 05:52

theyre worse then just not caring at end their they refused my sell order on CHESS stock and reregistered the stock at a very old adress further slowing me

allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 05:32

Ben I tried to reply to you but my laptop got too hot sorry Ive always been very slow at everything thats my problem it can only be brief via this why dont I ju

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 05:07

I guess i'm being ignored again like Canaccord has done the last few years. Allan i thought you might reply to me :(

Allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 08:35

Ben do you want no more contact?

allan ritchie 07.01.2016 06:11

you are welcome to contact me at my email adress its easier there because the comments here can only be so brief thanks so much for your reply after Dr Wong its

Allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 05:58

I also bought another 60000 dollars worth of BPH Energy directly from the company and got tricked aditionally

allan 07.01.2016 05:56

i now know that immediatelly after I bought BPH Energy the advisor sold his own entire holding at Canaccord so it appears he hoped Id push price up

Allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 05:42

they wrote a guarantee for part of the holding only but all bought via them forget exact amount but almost 70000 less residual value of shares which is not much

Allan ritchie 07.01.2016 05:38

Ben they bought BPH Energy for me a stock that isnt a house stock it fell from 31 cents to as can be seen just over half a cent so I had a uninterupted fall

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 05:01

What shares did they buy for you?

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 05:01

Allan are there? Please answer me.

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 04:57

How much money did Canaccord guarantee for you?

Ben Dover 07.01.2016 04:48

Tell us more about your experience with Canaccord Allan. I've been treated unfair by this company as well. It seems they just don't care.. Maybe we can join?

allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 04:56

Thanks for your reply Ben Ill start here and finish above at end of story already written as comments here can only be brief

Dr Wong 05.01.2016 06:20

Allan you are a complete drain on society. What have you ever contributed? Stop complaining and do something positive with your few years left...

allan Ritchie 07.01.2016 04:42

Do I know you from somewhere?because as best I recall Ive never even heard of you

Dr Wong 07.01.2016 04:35

nope re-read my comments.

allan ritchie 10.08.2014 10:16

this company helped me a lot and they dont even charge me for it I dont know what you mean by pattern?Non the less Cannacord guaranteed my portfolio at end 2013

allanritchie 10.08.2014 10:18

also you seem to portray me as a liar yet your not even willing to view my proof anymoresurelly you now know I have the guarantee

CANNACORD 09.08.2014 23:08

For anyone else reading this website Allan is clearly portraying himself as a victim. The only victim is Cannacord having to deal with Allan's fabricated lies.

CANNACORD 09.08.2014 23:05

Very limited computer skills yet you setup this website - clearly they are not that limited!! I read your summary above there is a pattern.

allan Ritchie myself 08.01.2016 12:07

can I post you copies of the guarantees if so please give an adress where I can send or write to PO BOX 711 Newtown NSW 2042

Allan ritchie 09.08.2014 13:59

Anyone can see my proof if they wish to ill meet anyone at newtown neighborhood centre with the proof at any time Ive very limited computer skills

Cannacord 09.08.2014 13:53

Newtown, Marrickville? I live in Woollahra! The fact that you haven't posted anything proves to me and the world that you have no proof.

allan ritchie 09.03.2016 06:11

you have spelling wrong its Canaccord double c not double n

Allan Ritchie 09.08.2014 09:19

No Id p-refer to come to you somewhere I could meet you at newtown Neighborhood centre or even marrickville metro shopping centre

Allan Ritchie 08.08.2014 10:18

I do have one where are you and Ill call and seee you with them

CANNACORD 08.08.2014 23:51

I think you have nothing better to do than waste their time. If you have proof post it here. 03.08.2014 23:56

I got a guarantee from Cannacord Genuity Anyone can see it if they are interested enough It guaranteed to pay any loss on the portfolio as at e
nd of 2013

CANNACORD 08.08.2014 09:20

I don't believe you. Prove it

Allan Ritchie 30.06.2014 08:47

I got a guarantee on shares bought at Cannacord genuity ie theyd pay any loss at end 2013 but theyve now refused to honor the close to total loss

Cannacord 03.08.2014 12:27

I doubt you got a guarantee from Cannacord mate.

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29.09 | 01:29

its very sad that this has happened to you its like as if the govt is against you too

27.11 | 20:03

well my brain has been damaged by the canaccord experience so im still struggling bto do this well or ok

26.10 | 11:07

Hēi, nín wèishéme zhìzuò zhège wǎngzhàn. Nín xiǎng yào de jiéguǒ shì shénme? Nín shìfǒu bù dānxīn huì yīn fěibàng ér bèi qǐsù? Měihǎo de yītiān.

20.10 | 04:09

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